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Awareness - Assessment - Action

About Us


We provide insurance and risk management services for nonprofits in Idaho, Oregon, and Washington.


Too often, we are not fully aware of the risks we face.  And fair weather provides a false sense of security.  We help nonprofits with risk awareness, the assessment of treatment options, and action plans to ensure assets are protected and missions achieved.


Joe Ney

I'm a veteran and insurance risk practitioner who has worked in claims, account management, and led a risk management division of a $939 million organization.  Ten plus years of observation has confirmed the numerous exposures organizations face and how many go unnoticed.  Unidentified risks are problematic for all firms, but small entities with limited cash reserves are particularly vulnerable.  I am committed to helping the nonprofits of the Pacific Northwest become more risk aware, so they may strengthen their risk defenses and complete their essential missions. 


Boise State University                                                             

BA, English Literature

University of Redlands


The Institutes




NPN 16972419

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    Mountain Cliff Hiker



    • Advise leadership on risk mitigation and avoidance

    • Facilitate with third-parties on risk management issues

    • Train and help develop staff on risk management topics

    • Prepare risk reports for management and board review

    • Integrate risk management throughout the entity

    • Participate in risk and safety committees

    • Manage incident reporting and after-action reviews

    • Complete risk reviews prior to new product or service launch

    • Oversight of risk management practices and policies

    • Leverage existing resources to enhance resilience and risk defenses

    • Develop, implement, and maintain an Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) program

    • We'll gladly assume other risk management related duties as needed


    • Be your internal subject matter expert on insurance 

    • Liaise with brokers/agents, carriers, and other stakeholders on insurance matters

    • Analyze environment and insurance policies to ensure coverage needs are met

    • Review and execute coverage changes as needed

    • Review insurance language in contracts to ensure: equitable risk transfer, you are requesting adequate coverage of partners and vendors, and your insurance policies meet contractual obligations

    • Review and manage certificates of insurance

    • Review insurance binders, policies, and endorsements for accuracy 

    • Manage claims process to ensure timely and accurate reporting to insurers

    • Coordinate with claims adjusters and other relevant third-parties to ensure claims are resolved efficiently and effectively

    • Train and help develop staff on insurance topics and processes

    • We'll gladly assume other insurance related duties as needed

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